Monday, July 11, 2011

Morning Board time~ Power Point Style.



I got this genius idea from a friend of mine on The Old Schoolhouse Crew this year. 


She set up her morning board into a Power Point. 


This idea really hit home for me.  I mean no lost pieces, Tyler loves to take the weather and money pieces off of ours. 


I sat down the other night and made one for Katey.


Right now it has 15 slides. 


Beginning with Good Morning ~ It is a funny slide with sound effects that reads Good Morning Katey.  I love you!  Today is going to be a great day.


Calendar~ It has our upcoming plans, the days of the week, the month it is, and the date. 


Seasons~ What season is it.


Weather~ It has the weather choices.  She picks which one the weather is today.


Weather graph~ She decides where the next graph bar will be filled in with the weather from the day.  


What should I wear today~ After knowing the plans for the day and the weather she can make appropriate clothing choices. 


Morning Routine~ Next she starts her morning routine.  Which includes 5 things; get dressed, make bed, brush hair, brush teeth, eat breakfast.


When she comes back from doing those things, she begins with names,  I am trying to teach her family members full names.  Right now she thinks we all have the same middle name as her younger brother.  LOL.


Then we do phone number, she knows my cell phone and is working on her dads, then our home phone. 


Our address.  She knows this one as well, but I wanted to keep it in here.


In an emergency call 911.


Then we move onto Letter or sight word review.


Number review.  She is getting into the higher numbers now. 


Next is the Pledge of Allegiance.  I will be switching it out to the Star Spangled Banner soon though.


The last slide says Good Job Katey, now you may begin your workboxes. 



If only I knew how to put slides into a blog post I would show you all. 


When we are done going through it, I quickly update the calendar to highlight the next day, the weather graph, the letters/words for review, the numbers for review, or anything else I want to add in.  It takes me all of 5 minutes to do it. 


This is just the beginning.  I am sure I will tweek it as needed. Which will be so easy!


This is still new and neat to Katey, she loves it.  Even my older kids are interested in it.  Tommy loves Power Point.  I may have him add in some slides too. 


Jen said...

Following from the TOS Review Crew! This is a great idea to keep in mind for the future for my little ones!

M said...

Oh! I love this idea - right now I have it on the white board but my youngest likes to erase it as I include who is assigned what chores that day. I will post it once it is complete.

M said...

I did it! The kids are so excited and love it! Each night before they go to bed I update it. That way if they wake up before me, they can go to their computers and see what the day holds in store for them. =)


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