Friday, September 9, 2011

Our Second week of School and We Are Already on Vacation!



I had totally intended on blogging while on our “staycation” and well that just did not happen.  So here is what we have been up to the last two weeks.  

  We live in a truly amazing place, where there is just so much to do.  It fits our outdoors lifestyle perfectly.  We have been out on the lake boating, hiking, driving, sightseeing and going out to dinner, and our highlight was river rafting!  We did do a small amount of schoolwork.    Here is some highlights. 


5th Grade

Language Arts

Emily has started reading in Fablehaven again.  She is such a book worm. 


Emily has worked all around the house on math this week, trying to find her favorite spot.  Here she is in the hall by the garage door. 


Fun Stuff/ Art

We did many fun things while on our staycation! She also drew a self portrait.

K/1st Grade

Language Arts

We worked on the letter G this week with our All About Reading.  She has also been working right along in Explode the Code. 



We began learning how to count by 5’s and 10’s. 

Fun Stuff /Art

K12 suggests that you have your child draw or create a self portrait once a year and keeping all of them, so you and your child can see the progress.  I think this is a grand idea.  Here is Katey painting herself with watercolors.


I had to get more poster board before Katey could make her art portfolio.  She was thrilled when I came home from the store with it.  She asked me to help her with a few drawings so she could color it.  She colored every single drawing purple! 



7th Grade

Tommy has been doing some really neat learning about Utah.  What has been really neat is a lot of the things he is learning about are right near us and we saw many of them on our vacation.


In my spare time


I finally finished The Help. So now, I totally can’t wait for the movie to come to my tiny little town.  I might just have to drive to “the big city” to see it. 

I have also realized that no matter how much organization I put in before we start the school year, something usually needs to change.  So far it has just been little things, like cleaning out the computer desk (rethinking what really needs to be there), and reorganizing where certain books are kept.  Like math books upstairs, when they would rather do their math down. 


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See Jamie blog said...

I just finished reading The Help this week, too. Great book! Looks like your homeschooling is going great so far!


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