Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Physical Education

This year, we have been trying to incorporate more planned physical education. Of course, they still do tons of bike riding and playing in the neighborhood too. 

I took some fun pictures of us one afternoon playing guess what kind of animal I am. 

Tommy and I were the guessers and Emily and Katey were the actresses.   This lesson went along with Katey’s history lesson that week.  She has been learning about all the continents and the animals that live on them.


Here they are being an American Bison. 


Here is Katey being a Toucan.


Here are the girls being Hedgehogs.

Other animals they pretended to be were a Kangaroo, a Penguin, an Elephant and a Koala Bear. 

This was pretty fun for all of us. 

What a great way to take learning outside. 

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