Saturday, October 1, 2011

Week in Review

weekly wrap-up

This week has been crafts and experiments and crazy learning in general.

5th Grade


Emily has been learning about the ocean.  She made a model ocean floor in this tote.  It shows the Continental Shelf, Continental Slope and the Abyssal Plain.  She loved this.  She will now be adding ocean creatures and we will end by filling it up with water, and using a fan to mimic wind.  And we will mix hot and cold water to mimic underwater waves.


In history she has been learning about the Indians, we took that into art and she made some finger masks. She invited a friend to make one with her. 


She really enjoys vocabulary, because SHE DOES IT UPSIDE DOWN. 

I am just glad she found a way to enjoy it.


1st Grade


Katey has been moving right along in math.  She has completed skip counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.  She learned greater than, less than and equals.  Math used to be hard for her and so this week I decided to break it up throughout the day.  A little discussion in the morning, she shows me some examples after lunch and in the afternoon she shows me she still understands by doing a worksheet or activity.  


She has been learning how to read a thermometer and about temperature and the effect it has on things.


She took temperatures of many things, from outside to just in the house, to under some blankets and a cup of ice water. 

The next day we put ice cubes in a dish around, one outside in the sun, one outside in the shade, one on the counter, one in the fridge and one in the freezer.  I had her use the scientific method with this experiment.  She loved it.


For History she learned what an archeologist is.  I set up a play for her to be in.  First she was a child playing with a toy when her mother called her in, she dropped her toy in the dirt. Her dad came out to work in the field and accidentally kicked the toy.  It got lost.  The mom dropped a clay pot that shattered, the dad dropped his broken knife, things like this.  Then it stopped raining and they had to move.  Over time the area flooded, and got covered with mud (a brown blanket) then grass grew (a green blanket).

Years later an Archeologist (Katey again) comes along and sees something sticking out of the ground and uses some very special tools to dig it up, she finds the families missing items, and we discuss what she can learn about the people by the items she found. 

Katey loved this lesson so much, I have seen her acting it out, on her own and with friends, since we did it. 



Since Emily and her friend were doing an art project with paint, I decided to get out the finger paints and lay a big piece of paper on the floor for them to paint on.  They loved it.  They did get paint on my floor, but they all helped clean it up.

We have been reading and reading and reading also.  We have been going over sentence structure. (Capitalization, punctuation, does it make sense, etc.) 

Tommy has been doing really great too.  I am so proud of the man he is becoming.  He is working on adding and subtracting negative numbers.  He is reading in  The Swiss Family Robinson’s.  He, or should I say, we are learning how to diagram sentences.  In science he has been learning about organisms and cells.  Next week he gets to use a microscope.  He is so excited.    He has also been so much help around the house.  


We are really swinging into a groove now.  This week has been such a good successful productive week.  I am feeling so proud of everyone, even me!  Winking smile 

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