Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Patch/ Corn Maze X 2


Yeah, it was so great we went twice. 


We picked pumpkins, of course!


We went through the corn maze and played too.


The kids played tag on the hay bails with their friends. 


Tyler loved all the dump trucks!  All the kids loved feeding the goats.


They loved the “Corn Barn”.  Emily and Tommy buried each other while Katey and Tyler played with trucks.  

We took a class on the water cycle and even played a very fun water cycle game each time.  I am so proud of my children how they all worked together to play the game.  Actually, they were great friends with each other both days. 

I even got a picture of all of them together on the hay wagon. 



The corn maze/ pumpkin patch has always been a yearly tradition for us.  I wasn’t sure if there would be one where we live now.  I was glad to find  one in the next town, even if it is an hour away. 

It was also a great drive over there both times.  We were able to compare the leaves colors each time.  The second time was much more colorful, but also much colder. 

If you have a corn maze or pumpkin patch near you I would recommend going.  They are usually family owned and you can learn a lot about farming and more. 

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