Monday, October 24, 2011

Preparing for the Winter Blues.

Ok, so as you can tell, my posts are getting more frequent. I thought I was more in the swing of things, sooner than I really was. I am just not pressuring myself to blog. However, I really can see us settling into a great routine now. The kids are all where I want them to be, education wise. This year took the longest for s to fall into routine. I think it is because of the new curriculum, we were all getting used to it. We are really enjoying school and family life.

The days are starting to get cold and the nights are getting down to freezing. I have heard rumors that our lows this Winter will be getting into –40 degrees F. YIKES! They have also predicted this to be a fairly bad Winter snow wise. So this will limit any driving to the city.

I am NOT prepared for this mentally. I moved here toward the end of last Winter, so I have never really lived here through the Winter.

What have I been doing to get prepared?

I have recently made a huge trip to Sam’s Club and stocked up on groceries, such as canned soups and non perishables.

I have been making a list of Winter comfort foods to make, such as turkey, chicken noodle soups, chili, pot roasts.

I have been making a list of things to do in our small town. We have great Dinosaur museums and some other fun things. We only have one fast food restaurant with a playground. It is not that great of a playground either. We do have a ceramics place and a blow up toy type place. I am also checking a book out from the library about indoor games.

If you have any suggestions to beat the cooped up Winter blues, I would love to hear them.

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Shelby said...

Hello... I've been reading your blog for a while but never commented... but this post just seemed to call to me; I'm from Wisconsin, so I know the cold winter thing! Lol!

Have lots of board games and don't worry about having more screen time than during non-freezing months. Send the kids outside to play when it's not super cold or windy and let them burn off some energy.

Make a couple double/triple batches of soup and freeze the excess for when you want a hot meal but can't get out or don't want to do prep.

Extra breaks (just a long weekend is great) are absolutely necessary when everybody's cooped up.

Best of luck!!



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