Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Family Fun

We recently set off one afternoon to take the kids fishing.  There are so many great spots by us. 
Our favorite spot is a very family friendly pond.  It has a trail all the way around it and has a variety of habitats.  A marshy area for birds, a forest with moose, deer and elk, and of course the pond, which is home to a beaver (we see him quite often), fish, and other insects. Ducks have even landed right on the water while we were fishing.  

Katey does know how to fish, on this day she mostly enjoyed the outdoors, and burning some energy off by walking around the pond and climbing on rocks. 
As Katey was posing for this picture, Tommy caught a fish right next to us. 
We stayed there for a while after that, and no one caught another fish. 

We all tried to fish all around the pond.  This is a picture of Paul fishing from the spot where Tommy caught his fish, he got skunked! 

Everyone admiring Tommy’s catch!

Mary Christmas-003
Here is a scrapbook page that I made with My Memories using some fishing pictures from that day.  (Save $10 using coupon code on the side of my blog)

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