Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Happenings

Rather than have multiple posts about our  Halloween happenings.  I just have one big picture heavy one.  LOL!

We have kept busy getting ready for Halloween. 

We carved pumpkins.


Finished products

Emily’s is the cat, Tommy’s is the ghost, Katey’s is the multiple eyed pumpkin.



Tyler painted his, as I wasn’t quite ready to let him carve one this year. 

We went to a Halloween party at the grocery store.

The kids got to fish for a treat. 


I love in this picture how Tommy is helping Tyler.  Such brotherly love!!

Tyler does NOT like Halloween, not at all.  He covers his eyes every time we use our front door, because of the decorations.  He will not wear a costume.  I even bought him a Thomas the Train one this year, thinking he would love it so much that he would want to wear it even if it is not Halloween.  I was wrong.  He won’t put it on.    He won’t go to the scary people for Halloween candy either. 

The girl in charge of decorating cookies was dressed up as a hunter.  So Tyler was not scared of her.  (We hunt, so he is used to that attire)  So he was willing to decorate a cookie.


He would not however go get a Fall picture taken with Tommy and Katey.


He would just watch Katey and Tommy play the games. 

This one was bowling.


For our family Halloween party I had each child choose an activity to put together and teach the other kids.  If they needed my help, I would help them.  They needed to get me a list of supplies they would need.  I am very proud of what each of them chose to do. 


Tommy chose to do Ghost Prints.  He did very well at teaching us all what to do. 


My activity was next and to “get two birds with one stone” I chose to do lunch stuff.  We made Mummy Dogs, and apple teeth for lunch.  Then we made Halloween sugar cookies. 



Tyler even decided to try on one of his costumes.



Next up was Katey’s choice.  She chose to do to claying. 

This was everybody’s favorite.  After we each made our Halloween art, we decided to combine it into a “Witches house”. 


The view from the top.


The witch, her caldron, her black cat, and her spell book.


The witches in bed and their broom. 


Emily’s activity was some games, such as Zombie, Zombie, Brains (Duck, Duck, Goose) and Freeze Dancing to our Kids Bop Halloween music. 


Our community has a big carnival at the rec center.  We went to that on Halloween night. 


I tried to get a picture of all of the kids together, and wouldn’t you know it, my camera acted up. 

After messing with the settings I fixed it. 


Tyler would not dress up to go to this.  He is so funny.  He is just not sure about this Halloween thing. 



The girls are posing by a decoration.  Then Katey playing one of the games. 


They also had a “Haunted Alley” which was Katey’s first time in something like that.  She absolutely loved it. 


We had such a fun Halloween. 

And now we are curling up to watch a Halloween movie! 

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