Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Raising Real Men…. are you doing it?


If you have one boy or six (or even more) then this book can prove to be an invaluable resource.   

Raising Real Men

By Hal and Melanie Young

Price $12.75 at Timberdoodle.

A book to help you get through raising boys while raising them with real values. 

Read a sample chapter here.

I myself only have two boys.  One is 12 and one is 2.  That is quite the spread. 


Boys are just different than girls.  It is often the mothers who are the main caregivers.  I for one never realized how many things play an important role in a boys life.  We want our boys to grow up to be leaders, right?  What about a hero? How about a provider for his family? 


The authors of this book, Hal and Melanie Young, share with you many ways to be sure you are raising these boys into the types of men we want them to be, with the qualities we want them to have, all while sharing their experiences with their 6 boys. 

Can you imagine how many things play a role in raising a real man? 


I often try to allow my older one to do things he considers manly, he mow our lawn, he works on bikes, he enjoys changing light bulbs, that kind of things.  But what about letting your boys play in the mud? What about climbing a tree?  Even being able to do something special, such as being responsible for getting the mail to changing the light bulbs in the house (with supervision, of course). 


This book explains the importance of letting boys be boys with some examples that will keep Mom happy as well! 


I really enjoyed the humor that this book provided along with knowing that my boys are normal and that I should cherish that, all while keeping it real about how difficult it can be at times. 

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