Thursday, May 3, 2012

We’ve got the Fever!!!


We have definitely had a fever going on around here.  Spring Fever that is!

P1010829A recent campfire dinner we had with some friends.


We are wrapping up the rest of our schooling for this year. We are on track to be done with our current curriculum (K12) by the end of May.  We are going to take a few weeks off from actual curriculum.  Of course we will still be reading and math each day. 


Most of our math will be games and Life of Fred, other than review items of course. 


Reading will be kids choice.  With some added in notebooking about what they read.  We have recently started notebooking and sharing our pages with each other.  It is a really neat way to see what each child took away from the book/lesson.  Check out Tristan’s posts, it’s a 3 part series to see why I decided to give notebooking a try.


We will also do Science and Art once a week.  We are going to finish out Christian Kids Explore Physics. Over the summer this will be the perfect fit, it is gentle enough, yet still fun! 

I don’t exactly have art planned out yet. I am still deciding.  I think we may focus more on art forms than actual artists.  Next school year, I do have plans for us to focus one week on a composer and then one week on an artist.

We plan on doing lots of camping, hiking, boating and more.  Plus right now we are in the middle of softball season and both my girls play softball. Emily will also be attending a 4H overnight camp as well as some sewing day camps.  Tommy has lots of fun Summer plans too.  He is going on Trek, some scout campouts and is going to be working hard at his MMA so he is ready to compete in NAGA.  Katey and Tyler are pretty much going to have a care free Summer.  We will attend some community events geared toward children as well as swimming, lemonade stands and lazy days.

We will start back up full day schooling around August.  Stay with us for Summer fun times.

Do you have anything fun planned for Summer?


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