Saturday, September 14, 2013

Logic of English Foundations A

Logic Of English is a company that offers a systematic multi- sensory approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling.

The company began as an ESL teacher and homeschooling mother gave a lecture on the basis of her common sense approach to spelling and reading.

There are 74 phonograms and 30 spelling rules that explain 98% of English words.  Once your child learns those phonograms and rules they will be able to spell and read most anything. 

How do you learn and teach these for yourself, you ask? 

You can use the Foundations Curriculum.

There are 4 levels.

  • Level A teaches reading and comprehending phrases.
  • Level B teaches reading and comprehending sentences.
  • Level C teaches reading and comprehending paragraphs.
  • Level D will have your child independently reading 2nd grade books.


If your child is between 4-8, then they are ready for Foundations A.

Foundations A will teach them phonemic awareness, how to read and write lowercase letters a-z.  Students will also begin to decode short vowel words and constant blends.

All these activities are taught through games and activities to make learning FUN! 

Foundations A comes with:

  • 40 Lessons plus 8 assessments and review lessons
  • 6 Student readers which develop true reading comprehension skills as opposed to the typical readers at this level which encourage students to “picture read”
  • 22 Phonemic Awareness Games
  • 28 Phonogram Games
  • 10 Reading Comprehension Games
  • 2 High Frequency Word Games

The above set sales for $88 and is used throughout all levels of Foundations. 

  • Teachers manual  $38
  • Student workbook (your choice between manuscript and cursive) $18

Try out a sample of the first 3 chapters.

Teachers manual sample.

Student workbook sample.

Once your student completes all the Foundations levels then they move into Essentials.

If your child is 8 and up. (All the way to adult)

Then there is no need to start in Foundations, Essentials is right for you.

Read what others had to say about Foundations, Essentials and some other Logic of English Products.


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