Thursday, May 8, 2014

G is for Gardening {mishaps}


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Let me just start off by saying that I live in Zone 4 which is a cold climate.  We have cold winters, very cold, and dry warm summers.

There is a standard rule to NOT plant outdoors before Mother’s Day EVER!  No matter how warm it gets in Feb, or March, even April.  DON’T PLANT BEFORE MOTHER’S DAY!

I knew this rule.  I have known this rule my entire life since I was a child.  We never planted before Mother’s Day.  Now I live in an even colder climate.

It all started one March day.  I had been taking some gardening classes at the library.  I got all gung ho and came home and planted some seeds in these self watering pots I made out of 2 liter bottles.  I kept them inside on my window ledges. 


They got very big, very quickly.  In just a few weeks many of the plants had out grown the pots.  So my husband talked me into planting them outside.  YES, I am totally blaming him, and he knows it!

I have a raised bed with a green house screen that fits over the top of it.  P7260029

The very next day after we planted our plants out there the winds were fierce!  I mean fierce!  55-80 mile and hour wind gusts and the temperature was around 40 F.  We did our best to protect the plants.

NONE of them survived! NONE of them.

I was so sad! I am so sad. 


I do have a small 2sqft box that I plant my cold weather seeds in.  Peas, Radishes and Lettuce.  They all survived, although, I think the lettuce, just barely.


I have yet to plant more seeds in my house.  I think I am just going to wait until after Mother’s Day to go buy some already started plants. 

The garden will go on!

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