Monday, July 19, 2010

TOS June 2010 Planner Module Travel The World Review

Travel the World
Are you wanting to teach your kids about maps and globes, continents and just the Earth in general?

Are you interested in Traveling the World for $7.95?

If so, this quick easy lesson plan (over 50 pages) from The Old Schoolhouse, June 2010 Planner Module, Travel The World, It includes reading material, worksheets and puzzles such as word searches, cross words, copy work for both manuscript and cursive, rebus puzzles, fill in the blanks plus internet links, a High School Expansion Pack and more is for you. There are even coloring pages for younger kids. 

One fun thing we did was, I had Katey (5K) color the continents and then the other kids had to guess which one it was. 

This seriously took me about 10 minutes to look at and print out the worksheets we were going to use before I was ready to teach it.  I choose to teach it to my kids, but I could easily see them being able to read this and do the worksheets on their own.  Oh, and I almost forgot there are lapbook pieces for you lapbookers out there. 
June Module spread
I have to admit, at first I was a little confused about what being a monthly module meant.  Well, it is not included in the purchase of the planner (it is an add on).  However, it does follow along the theme for the months in the planner.  It not being included is really a good thing, because you can still purchase ones from previous months.   And you do not need the planner to be able to use these. (Although, I have the planner, and love it.)

This is a little smaller than Download and Go, so it wouldn’t take the week commitment  that those take.  We did it in about 2 hours total.  The kids enjoyed the change of pace, and it really wasn’t to hard for them.  It was well written and easy for the kids to understand.

This was a good way to do a non in depth study of  the Earth.  While this was a good review for my 4th and 6th graders this was a great way to just touch on the subject for my 5K.   There are tons of internet links included. As I mentioned above there is a High School Expansion Pack included, so really you could take this as far as you would like.

They learned about the different continents, oceans, maps, why we have seasons, and all about geography.  My children did enjoy this unit, however I do think that Emily and Katey’s favorite part was the cute song to help them remember all the continents.  Tommy enjoyed the puzzles best.

My overall opinion of this is that it’s a good product for a reasonable price.  When I am in need of something to teach that I don’t want to spend a lot of time preparing for or teaching then I will definitely look at other planner modules.  I love E-books like this one, because I can store them on a disk, and only print what I need, but I can also print as many as I would like.

Price: $7.95 each

You can buy it here!

The Old Schoolhouse Store has so many products, there is something for everyone, feel free to sit back and take a look around.  Plus, their shipping is always FREE!

{I received this item for free for review purposes, this however is my honest opinion. As with everything in life, your experience may differ.}


Dawn said...

Hi! Stopping by from the Crew to check out your review. :-) Have a wonderfully blessed evening!

Catherine said...

Hello from a fellow TOS crew member. I’m spending a little time checking out some of the the other reviews. Great job!

Catherine said...

Well done on your review!
Catherine (aka alecat, via TOS Crew)


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