Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We are done crawling under the bed….

The girls just got bunk beds.  They used to have 2 single beds and they had posts on them where they hung their bedtime items in bags.  These new bunk beds did not have anywhere to hang bags from.  
They love building forts out of it.
There items kept falling down under the beds.
We had some shower caddy type baskets. That is what they have been storing their stuff in.   Emily’s has her chargers, her Nook, a notebook to draw or write in, a paperback book she refers to often, a cute little owl stuffed animal, her cell phone, iPod, and remote control to her radio.  This really keeps all her stuff together.  So it has a place up on her bed, and won’t get lost or tangled. 
Katey’s has her Tag reader, some Tag books, a flashlight, and a stuffed animal.
This has really saved them from having to crawl under the bottom bunk to get the things that dropped.  

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