Sunday, July 22, 2012

Knowledge Quest


What happens when timelines and maps merge together?

An amazing thing!  That’s what.  It is known as TimeMaps. By Knowledge Quest.

TimeMaps are an interactive map software where you go to a selected map, and can select the time period and then click an arrow and see what happened to the area.  Did it expand?  Was it invaded?  Who was the ruler at that time?  Did anything else happen then?  You can move on and on. Learning so much.


Do you see all those little i’s?  They are information i’s.  They share with you so much information about the area they are on.

Once it zooms in even more information i’s appear, going further and further.  It feels like endless learning.


There are 7 TimeMap sets (priced at $9.95 per set) or get all of them for $44.95 downloadable:

  • Ancient China
  • Rise of Rome
  • Fall of Rome
  • Rise of Islam
  • The Black Death
  • European Exploration
  • Atlantic Slave Trade

“TimeMaps are computer software files that use Flash – a free program from Adobe. Maps are shown in chronological order at the click of a button and progress at your timing, showing how civilizations, countries and continents have changed over time. Quizzes and encyclopedic entries are included and can be turned on and off at your discretion. TimeMaps are a work in progress with many Ancient and Medieval civilizations having reached completion with more historical topics on the way.”

The TimeMap Collection includes all 7 sets  - 75 dynamic, animated maps, quizzes and encyclopedic information for each, as well as complete Teacher Notes with activities, map commentaries, timeline pages and student maps to label and color.  All for just $44.95 (Save $24.70 over purchasing individual sets!)

This would be a great addition to any history curriculum.  Also it is very easy to get lost in, learning more and more. 



To see what others though of this check out this post. To see a wide variety of reviews check out our crew blog.


Disclosure: As a member of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew I review products like this, which I receive for free in order to be able to share my honest opinion. 


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Swinging On Small Hinges said...

We reviewed MapTrek, but Time Maps looks awesome!


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