Saturday, April 20, 2013

E is for Exercise


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Well, here it is.  It’s that time of year again for me.  I want to be more in shape and healthier.  I don’t know why I don’t feel the same in the winter.  I always tend to eat more fruits and veggies in the spring and summer.  I also have somewhat of a desire to work out.  I have been struggling with that this past little while.

I will start out really great.  Doing about 30 minutes of hardcore – to me – exercise each morning.  Then something comes up and I take a day off. 

One turns into ummmm,  a long time.  Then the cycle starts all over.  I even joined an online exercise support group and they encourage me and let me know that it’s okay to fall.  Just get back up and try again. 

That is what I am here today doing.  Smile 

I will begin exercising each day for 20 minutes of focused exercises.

I will exercise 20 out of the next 30 days. 

That has to be doable for me. HASTA!!

Anyone have a routine they recommend? 

Hopefully next week for F I am not writing about Failure!! 

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Cristi said...

I wasn't very consistent with exercise until I started running using the Couch to 5K plan. Now I hate to miss too many days in a row. (I still don't exercise every day.)


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