Thursday, March 20, 2014

So- My life got flipped upside down and then sideways…


The good news is though that I am back upright, on one foot, but upright nonetheless.

I was working some incredibly crazy hours, along with homeschooling.  My brother moved in with us…( BIG CHANGE).  My husband started a new job and he is gone even more… I didn’t know that was possible, but any who…..

Needless to say, I dropped a lot of balls.  I just couldn’t keep up. 

Some changes I made to get myself and my family back on track are:

  • I let go of anything and everything unnecessary.
  • I cut way back on working.  I mean like one or two days a month as opposed to the 30-40 hours a week. 
  • I quit blogging for a while.
  • I quit checking my email…. (uh, sorry!) It’s on my to do list now.
  • I stopped going out on activities with my friends as much… (you know, lunch out, play dates, craft classes and such)
  • I took our homeschool down to the basics, Reading & Math daily, Writing, History and Science 2x a week. Outside co-op classes had to be on Wed.  (our co-op has multiple classes on Mon, one on Tue and the bulk are offered on Wed.)
  • I had my husband take me out on dates when he is home… A big thing in my marriage is communication.  We text and talk on the phone often. We really do love to be with each other.  Our personalities complement each other.

Once I cut back on EVERYTHING I was then able to slowly add things back into my life.  I am still not working.  I have checked my recent emails, but not gone back very far yet. I have been back in my book club, my craft club and gone to lunch and play dates. I even hosted a ladies night out party at my house. Our homeschool is slowly coming back to the old schedule of more work.  However, I do think we just might keep this year fairly easy the rest of the way… I still make my husband take me out.  We still text and talk often.  He even makes sure to take days off just for our family time.  That is REALLY NICE!  We are getting used to my brother living here, which was our biggest challenge.  It’s like having another kid, but I don’t have the control or authority over him like I do my kids.  So that has been a personal struggle for me. 

I had given up most hope of my life every going back to what I would call normal. I was definitely in a depression. Then when I was at the park with my friend and she recommended a book to me, Remembering Wholeness by Carol Tuttle.  I did this book on audio book every chance I could get.  I am a big fan.  She talks a lot about personal change and spirituality.  I’ve never been into the you can create your own future thing.  I mean I know you have some say, but she taught me how to change things now, today! Her book and the things I have learned from it, the future I have been creating from it have been simply amazing.  I have the faith in myself that I can do great things in my life now.  I have so much more confidence then I had.

My plan is to begin her next book The Child Whisperer.

I am back on track and I am feeling gggreat!!

So know that when your life is falling apart right before your eyes, take time to stop it and change it.  YOU HAVE THE POWER!


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