Monday, April 28, 2014

Menu Plan Monday


I have really been trying to simplify my life.  I really do have a lot going on.

One area (thanks to the suggestion of my husband) that I decided to simplify is dinner.   I decided everyone with the exception of the 4 year old has an assigned night to cook dinner.  They each have to get their recipes to me by Monday mornings, so that I can grocery shop on Tuesdays.  Our dinner week actually goes from Wednesday to Tuesday. So here is our last weeks plan.

Tuesday:  I ordered Pizza.  I traded one of my kids that I would cook dinner if he would clean my bathroom.  Score!

Wednesday: Crock pot Chicken Curry.  This was a freezer meal I had in the freezer. It is what my brother chose for his meal.  I think he cheated.

Thursday: We had softball games so I made a tacos.

Friday: My daughter chose to do a campfire and roast hot dogs for her meal.  We were supposed to do it on Saturday, but since it was an 80% chance of rain that day we moved it to a day early.

Saturday: I wasn’t able to make a big Easter dinner like I wanted so I did it on Saturday.  We had Ham, Potatoes and Green Beans.

Sunday:  We were supposed to have Hash Brown Casserole, and I changed it to BBQ Chicken and Poutine. 

Monday: My son is supposed to cook Sloppy Joes and Veggies. 

Tuesday: I will do the Hash Brown Casserole.

Giving me 3 days off cooking and one of my other days I have my 9 year old help me.  As well as I have a small stock of freezer meals, from the freezer meal club I am in, I am getting a handle back on things.

Check out how others have been menu planning here.


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