Wednesday, February 18, 2015

On my wish list.


I really don’t have a big wish list.

I want to run a half-marathon this year.  I am currently running just over 2 miles a day.  (In about 30 minutes.)  I am working my way up.  I figure I can run 3 miles by the beginning of March and keep adding up about 2 miles a month from there.  So in 6 months, I should be at the 13.1 miles needed to run a half. 

As far as actual things, right now I want some new running clothes.  I have already bought them, but I am making myself earn them.  I get my pants at 3 miles and a sports bra at 4 miles, and a shirt at 5 miles.

I would also like a bigger place to live.  I am currently living in a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom duplex.  I am ready to go back to a house.  I love my neighbors enough, but I just want more space.

I also want my husband home more.  I miss him. I still want him to have job stability and work/make enough to support us comfortably, but I just wish he was home more.

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