Friday, February 26, 2010

Preschool Week of Feb 22nd. Letter "Ll"

This week we have decided to start a letter of the week type deal. I have been having preschool with K, but just learning letters as sounds throughout the 100 lessons book. Now she hasn't been to interested in that book lately so I decided to try this route. Now it is just our first week, and she loves change (like her mama), but for now this is great. We all had alot of fun with it, and it really wasn't that much extra work for me, or her.

First when we woke up on Monday morning we made a letter L out of clay with a cookie cutter.
I poked a hole in it with a wire and hung it across a baking pan. We baked it at 350 for about 15 minutes, while we got ready for the day. Then we let it cool completely (about 10 min).
We threaded some yarn through it and made a necklace. She wore it all week. In the beginning she would look for the letter "L" and check if it matched her necklace. We went to the grocery store and talked about things that we saw there that began with the letter "L". We "spied" for L's.
We tasted lemons and limes. Then we painted L's with them.

Then my camera battery died. =( I have misplaced the charger. I will find it this weekend, when I get time to look. So I will just tell you about the rest of our days.

On Tuesday, we played a ladybug game off of Kids soup. If the picture begins with an L you put it on the lady bugs back, as a spot. She loved this game. We also made Leo the Lion puppet.

On Wednesday, she traced L's by helping lobsters find their mommy. She used a paint chip (the kind with the hole in it) to spy L l 's on this sheet.

She also had to sort through all her alphabet letter magnets and find the letter L.

On Thursday, she traced some more letter L's using this sheet.
We had lettuce, lemonade and lollipops.
We played Lego's. We built letter L's out of those too.
We played "Alphabet Go Fish"

On Friday, we made a letter on our floor with masking tape, and just looked at it. (She did however think this was very neat)
She got to play on Starfall.

This was a pretty good week for us, and I do feel confident that the letter of the week has worked for her in learning the letter L and l.

I was having torn feelings about the Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. It only had me teaching sounds, and only lowercase letters. I would have to go back and teach uppercase. So for now we are going to try this route and lay off the 100 Lessons book.

To see what others are doing in their preschool's check out Preschool Corner.


Jolanthe said...

The necklace is a great idea. And I agree ~ change is good even for mommies!! :)

Tarasine (pronounced Tara-seena, in case you were wondering) said...

Okay, I'm LOVING the letter necklace idea! I'm working (informally) on numeral recognition with my toddler--this would probably work great for him. (Also, thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to "meet" you! )


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