Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tiny T gets a room

Our plans are to knock out this wall from the lightswitch to the edge of the wall. and build a wall along the edge (where the globe is until the front door) This will essentially cut our front room in half. This was a bedroom at one point so we thought this will not be hard at all! You can feel that they left the door framed and just sheet rocked over it. There also was a cross brace along the ceiling so we could nail the top plate into it. So let the construction begin.

Construction stops.
We decided we better hand cut a scope hole anyways. It sure was a good thing. We found some type of pipe and electrical wire.

We decided that we would have to repair this hole anyways, with a sheet of sheet rock so why not just cut out the doorway completely and see what we are dealing with. Especially since this is where I really want the door. It comes in from the hallway, right across from my bedroom. If I was going to put it in the new wall it would come in off the living room. I would rather not have a bedroom door come off of the main living area. So let the construction begin again!

Luckily we know a plumber so he came and gave us an inexpensive solution, that does not involve rerouting the pipe, which was our other option. (our house is sold old, that most of it is not sheet rock, it's that chicken wire/mud type wall, might be called plaster, you can not cut it, it just crumbles, no straight lines)
Construction stops again!
We go buy a door, it does not match any other doors in our house, but we are working on a budget here, so we just picked out a nice door, that was close enough. We get it home, and noticed that it's chipped, so we return it, and get a new one. Then we look at it, and notice that it opens the wrong way, so we return that one and get the one that opens the right way. Whew that's great!

Construction starts.

We go to put the door in, and it's to big. ughh. So construction stops!
We take it back and see if they will cut the bottom off. (it's too tall) They will, but it will ruin the door, there will be no support at the bottom. So it is not a good idea. We come home with the door, and decide to cut the door hole bigger.
Construction Starts!
I then begin looking, just before cutting, at the hall way. Now this door will be right next to the bathroom door, and across the hall from my door. So now it will be a different door, and a different size. I decide to take a day to think about it. So construction stops.
I find out that you can custom order doors. I wonder how expensive they are.

I decide to go and check it out. I drive 1/2 hour to a store that will custom make doors. I show him a picture of the existing doors in my house and the measurements. He has a door. YES! It opens the wrong way. Ugghh. He can fix it, but it will take a week. That is fine.

Construction starts!
We decide to begin framing while we wait for the door. We got it framed all in one day with no hiccups! HIP HIP HOORAY!

We hope to sheet rock this week! Really hoping it goes smoothly!

I can't wait to paint and redecorate!

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