Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter week

Well I am finally getting organized enough to plan funner and more activities on top of school. It can be a little overwhelming at first. This week we had an amazing week we fit in almost all the "official school stuff" we had planned plus all these extras! K was learning the letter K She did a letter K sticker worksheet.

We did a suduko game as a family on the kitchen window with Crayola Window Markers. They thought this was so neat! We had great fun.

Tiny T even enjoyed it! We finally got some smiley pictures of him!

K told us bunny stories that she made up. She really loved this, she loved having the family as the audience. I got these story ideas from Kids Soup.

We played an egg match game also from Kids Soup

And for April Fools I put easter egg dye tablets under the faucets in the sinks, and turned the water colors. They loved that. I got this idea from my friend Anna. Thanks Anna! I tried to get a picture but was a little late. So you can just barely see it, it was fun anyways. My kids just love April Fools and so do I, I just love playing silly tricks on them.

We also made these Easter cupcakes. We used coconut and M&M Easter eggs. They were so yummy and this some fun relaxed family time that I would hope to have more often. It was a really simple plan and a wonderful memory.

Later that night we had a great Easter lesson while making these cookies. I highly recommend these. I did not take any pictures while making them except for this one, because I wanted to keep it highly spiritual.
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The Activity Mom said...

Great idea to put the tablets in the sink. =) fun!


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