Sunday, April 18, 2010

Making Memories that will last a lifetime!

For me, some of the memories that stick out in my head the most always had to do with food. Like the time I was about 13 and we were having a family BBQ for Memorial Day, I shook up the mustard to squeeze it on my hotdog, I did not realize the cap was open, and I got mustard all over my very cool clothes that were chosen just for that occasion. I learned that mustard does stain and even to this day I check the mustard before I shake it.

Another memory I have is with my Grandma, she is an amazing cook, she loves to make bread from scratch. She was a school lunch cook in a small town when I was younger. It was the kind of school that made their meals from scratch. That was YUMMY School lunch! I remember she used to bring us home the extra milk and chocolate milk, in those little school lunch cartons. My brother and I thought that we were so cool sharing "the school lunch milk" with our friends.

Even now that my Grandma is retired she still has ties with the school lunch. For Christmas one year she gave me these amazing cookie sheets, that I absolutely love and use for everything. I use them as cookie sheets, as brownie pans, to carry stuff outside if we are eating out there, right now one is even being used as a catch the water from our seed starts. I just love those school lunch cookie sheets! Every time I use them I think of my Grandma.

All these food memories got me thinking, what food memories are my children going to have?

Then it came to me. My father in law told me once that my children will always remember Hobo Dinners in the back yard. We do them often in the summer, once every two weeks or so. They are so easy.

First you slice up the veggies you will be using. I just use veggies that I have on hand. I sliced them us with my Pampered Chef Mandoline. Which is amazingly easy. I just arrange them all on my infamous cookie sheet.

And let the kids go at filling their tinfoil. (I spray it with Pam first)
Then we add hamburger patties, and salt and pepper to taste, wrap them all up and put them on the fire in our back yard.

My husband watches the fire as the kids play.

Then we eat. Yummy!! We serve ours with ketchup, ranch dressing, or BBQ sauce (my favorite).
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I hope this is a memory that my children will have when they are older.

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