Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Secret Garden Party!

To celebrate finishing our most recent read aloud, The Secret Garden, we of course had a party. This is a fun tradition that we are beginning and we all have a lot of fun with it.

To start we had snacks, we had a Secret Garden Muffin Tin, that I adapted from Gourmet Mom On The Go. It was a secret what was inside, and it all came from a garden. We also had dirt and worms, (chocolate pudding with gummy worms, and crushed Oreo's on top) I forgot to get a picture of that, we all ate them so fast.

We went to the park for a picnic and played racquetball.

We went to the garden store to pick out flowers to plant in our garden.

We planted our own Secret Garden, on a much much smaller scale.
We watched the movie too.

My kids really love this. I love it that they continually ask me to read to them, and when we are reading, they don't want to stop.

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