Friday, April 30, 2010

Week in Review April 26-30, 2010

This week has been great! We got quite a bit of schoolwork done.

Most of it was map work, and reading and discussion for history. We did do one very fun activity, we learned how ancient people dyed their clothes. We each dyed a pair of our socks purple with blackberries. Now I just hope that I don't accidentally wash them in my modern washing machine, and dye all of our clothes purple.

Emily completed the Beta level in Math U See. She only missed one on the final test, and it was just a silly mistake too, is wasn't that she didn't know how to do it. Now she is ready to move on to multiplication. She is very excited about that.

The rest of the school week, was pretty much just regular school stuff, not much exciting.

It's so crazy here in Utah, one day it's 70, the next 35 and snowing. We did have a few great days of spring weather. The kids spent the afternoons outside exploring, riding bikes, and enjoying the fresh air.

Tommy is such a little engineer. Here he is building a trailer to go on the back of his bicycle. He was building it out of things he could find. I supplied him with some things I had saved for art projects, or really projects just like this.
Here is a picture of him putting together the axle and those containers are going to be the rims.

This is the trailer part of it. I don't yet know what he is planning to haul on it.

I love Tommy, he is so creative, and resourceful.

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Giggly Girls said...

Such a creative young man!!

We have some blackberries in the fridge and, though your dye job looks really cool, I think we're going to use them for cobbler. LOL

Congrats on finishing math!! We'll be finishing Gamma in a couple of weeks.

Cheryl said...

All your kids are doing great! Congrats on the test, testing can be so difficult for some kids!


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