Monday, May 3, 2010

WannaBe- Firefighter Review

I have been wanting to go over fire safety in our house and...
I was given this amazing resource to review from The Old Schoolhouse, it's from the WannaBe Series. What is the WannaBe Series, you ask? Well it's a series of 10 Unit Studies that show kids what some of the career prospects out there are. We started with When I Grow Up I Wanna Be A Firefighter.

It made fire safety so fun, and so much more. We got to learn about what it takes to be a firefighter, how much they make, the history of firefighting, and about fire dogs. Plus we played games,

and more games. We had fire drills, practice calling 911 (we used a phone that I took the batteries out of and I was the operator), we even had a fire theme lunch. Lil' Smokies.

This was so easy to prepare. It seriously took me about 1 hour from opening it up to having it ready to teach, and 30 min of that was me reading it, and putting books on hold at the library.

All the games and activities all use common easy to find items. (All of which I happen to have on hand.)

This comes with a book list, but it is an E-Book, and you could really do it without the extra books if you wanted to, or didn't have the time.

I set this up so that my kids would read a section then do one of the many worksheets it came with it, such as firefighter math, or the creative prompts, then we did a game or a drill. These were great for my 5 year old. She is a more hands on learner. That way it kept it fresh, since there was quite a bit of reading.

My little engineer, Tommy, thought that the making of a robotic arm was the best part!

This is for ages 4-10,
I felt as if some of the math was a little hard for my 10 year old. I just did the "harder" math along with him, and my 9 year old. My four year old was not able to sit through all the reading. I think because it wasn't in storybook format. However, she loved the activities that were involved, and the books from the book list.

There are so many activities that you could even have a Firefighter themed birthday party. These would also makes a great community helpers study.

These are only $8.95 each.

The titles are

But right now they are having a special for the month of May;
You can get all 10 titles,
normally $89.50
for just $35.80

Disclaimer: I was given this free to download, use and review and this is my honest opinion.

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