Sunday, May 9, 2010

History in my home

This year, we are focusing on Ancient History. I use History Odyssey Ancients, Level 1 as my guide this year. The biggest way I teach History is through arts and crafts. We really like feeling like we are living history. I read the Story of the World out loud. I will usually read first and then we do a project of some sort. I get my projects from 3 very helpful books, they are Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors, Ancient Israelites and Their Neighbors, and History Pockets. Here is a little picture journey of some of the history we have done so far this year.

Here we are having a Royal Assyrian Feast. We wore toga's and made crowns, we even ate on the floor. (They didn't have tables back then.) My husband and I were even their servants.

We played games that ancient Egyptians play.

We built a Ziggurat out of boxes.

We made some mobiles to help us learn about the Nile River.

We sculpted bowls into ducks, made Phoenician head wear, and ate Phoenician stew to learn about the Phoenicians.

We carried water on our heads around our yard, to learn what
some of the daily life was like.

We eat alot of food from the time periods we are learning about.
So we usually do history right before lunch.

Here is an art project they worked on while I read to them.

We also learned about how they colored their clothes, we dyed our own socks using blackberries.

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Anonymous said...

What a fun way to learn History and include various ages. We really like the History Pockets too! Thanks for joining the History Hop.

Je9Jeanine said...

I am so happy to find someone else using The Story of the World. Your history is so interactive and fun. This gives me new ideas on how to teach history. Looking over your links now. Thanks for the post.


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