Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's in the Box Wednesday - Preschool

I am going to start using Sue Patrick's Workbox System in our homeschool. One of the biggest benefits I see, is that it forces me to be more prepared. I have to get everything ready ahead of time. There will be NO waiting around on me to gather supplies and deal with life (baby, spills, etc). I will have prepared everything in advance.

This is my first test drive of the system so I am only going to be starting it with my preschooler, once I get the time, room, money, I will then add in the other two.

So without further delay here is what I put in the boxes for our first day.

Color worksheet with crayon choice.

Beads with pipe cleaners to make bracelets.

3 fruit puzzles from Preschool Activities in a Bag.

A book to read with mom.

Buttons, a small dish, and an egg carton to sort them with.

A brownie mix to make with mom.

A CD of Primary Songs. We will sing along with a few while our brownies bake.

I am starting with 7 boxes. We will see how this goes. I think that she will really love it! These are all activities she/we were going to do already, but I just had to get them completely organized the night before. She will be able to feel so independent by not having to wait around on me to gather supplies, except for the brownies, of course.

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Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

You will love it! It makes life sooo much more organized!

Confessions Of A Homeschooler said...

Looks great, thanks for linking up!

Mom 'n' More said...

Looks like a great start!

rm said...

So much fun to have a cake mix in there, and how clever of you not to put them in at the end (I'd probably have done that) instead doing another drawer while they bake! My son goes to school but we use the system for our after school activities :)

Hope it went well x


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