Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's about time my kids learned how to drive!

We decided to surprise our kids, we put them in the car, and covered their heads with blankets and drove somewhere, they were all trying to guess where. They were using their senses they could to try to decide, they felt it when we would turn, they listened as a train went by. But they never did guess it.

When we got there we took them each out of the car, and all at once pulled the blankets off.

They then saw that we were at Boondocks, the local Go Cart Track! They were so excited as they have never done this before.

Here they are waiting to get started. They rode around the track a few times, and then....

It was Katey's turn. She isn't big enough to drive yet, so she got to go on the bigger ones with daddy. I thought this was hilarious, that it took not 1, but 2 employees to help him buckle her up.

She really had the time of her life.

This outing just showed me how much my children appreciate even the little things. We only let each of them go around once, and they were alright with that. They did ask if they could go more, and were told no. They did not argue or throw a fit of any sort, they didn't even act disappointed. They were just glad they got to do it. I was so happy to be able to do this with my family!

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