Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco De Mayo

For Cinco De Mayo, we did some fun activities. We began by reading a book about Mexico. Then we read The Cat In The Hat in Spanish. We also looked at a My First Spanish word book.
For our craft we made Maraca's. I just saved some Sunny D containers, and we decorated them with stickers, filled them half full with beans, and danced and made music.

Then we did a Mexican Hat Dance. I took vocabulary words from our history lessons throughout the year, and wrote them on a card and next to that I wrote a capital letter of the Alphabet.

I played some Spanish music, as they danced around the hat. (I had to do it in my laundry room in the basement, since Tyler was alseep upstairs.) I would stop the music and they would all run to the hat and choose a card. The older kids would have to tell me the definition of the word, and Katey had to tell me the letter of the Alphabet. They loved this.

For lunch we had Quesadillas and Agua. I tried to talk them into a siesta, but that was a big NO once they found out it was not a party (fiesta).

And for our finale we had a pinata. I home made it. I used a paper grocery sack, and a scrap of wrapping paper. I filled the sack with the prizes. I cut the paper into long strips, and then fringed it partway up and taped it to the bag.

Then I stapled it along the top, and stapled some yarn on as well. I hung it from a tree and we went at it.

We also learned that Cinco De Mayo is celebrated more in the US, than in Mexico. We had fun with this!

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