Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Family Bike Ride



A while ago I posted our Summer Bucket List.  We have been working at getting things checked off it all Summer.  We have decided that we would give ourselves until Sept 30 to get it all done.  We decided since we don’t really have a deadline, some of the things we would just rather do in the fall, when it’s cooler (mostly the zoo and hiking). Plus those things are just less busy when public school is in.


However we have been doing some things on it.

We rode our bikes along the Legacy Trail. 


DSC03006 DSC03013 DSC03001

The kids had really been wanting to ride their bikes on a bridge that goes over the highway.  They thought this was so cool.   We haven’t been on the trail in over a year.  I just haven’t gotten out much since Tyler was born.  But we were able to get a babysitter for him so we could all ride.  What fun. 

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