Sunday, August 8, 2010

A is for….

Apple Tree
We made this cute apple tree craft.
We did some letter A Playdoh mats.
We had some “A” snacks.
Ants on a log (celery and PB or cream cheese and raisins)
We tried dried apples.
We made this cute Alligator A from No Time For Flashcards.
We played find the A or a game. (we looked for words around our house or objects that started with the a sound.)
We practiced writing letter a, A. 
We played this letter A game from Kidssoup.

We had so much fun learning the letter A. 

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1 comment:

Amy Mantooth said...

Good ideas! I can't wait to start. I had planned for this week, but it may be next. We will see.


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