Friday, March 20, 2015

GPA Love Math

GPA LEARN has a cool all online math program for kids Kindergarten to grade 5.  This program is known as GPALOVEMATH.

GPALOVEMATH is streaming, so it is available on our computers or iPads and that has proven to be quite convenient. 

I have used this with my Kindergarten age son who is very computer literate.

Each level has 150 lessons. Completing 4-5 lessons a week will have your child finishing a grade every 10 months. 

The format of GPALOVEMATH is:

Learn – Engage – Motivate.

They learn by using the instruction portion. (see below)

They are engaged with the parents.  Each lesson that is completed the parent will receive an email showing what topics were covered and discussion points you can use to engage with your child.

They are motivated by GPA Learn’s unique reward system. The students earn points for completing lessons.  These points can be used for all kinds of things.  Some our company sponsored, like a Toys R Us e gift card and others are parent sponsored like staying up late.

There are also automatic rewards that the child gets after completing so many lessons.  The parent customizes and picks these rewards.  There is a giant list to choose from or you can just create your own.  My son loved this part!  He loved simple rewards like “Mom does one of your chores” or “You get to choose what is for dinner” 

by using

Instuction - Practice – Quiz

The instruction portion is where you work alongside an animated coach to learn and solve problems.

The practice portion is where you follow along with your animated coach to solve practice problems.

The Quiz portion is where you answer the questions on your own and evaluate how well you know the skills.

A day/week in our life:

Tyler began by logging into this math program and just starting at the beginning. He used the Kindergarten level.  He would just work at the beginning of the program and work his way through the lessons in order.  Since we are halfway through our school year he had already learned many of the things.  He did not enjoy sitting through them.  I decided to let him just quiz out of all the things he had already learned.  He was quizzing out of 3-5 lessons per day.  Once he got to where he needed to learn things we stopped doing that and he had to sit through the videos.  Each lesson has a pre-requisite that needs to be done before it will unlock.  There is a way around this by choosing to do the lessons under the Kindergarten topics section.  We chose to keep doing them in the suggested order.

The videos were funny and engaging.  He had to push the arrow every few seconds to turn the page.  This kept him paying attention.  

He really enjoys this math and I have decided to keep it as his primary math for the rest of the year.

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