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HomeSchool Office by Lord Heritage {A Schoolhouse Crew Review}

About The Company:

Lord Heritage is a company that was founded by a mother daughter duo.  Jennifer is a homeschooling mom who ran a small business out of her home and Joyce is a retired business professional.  They came together with a common goal; to help prepare the next generation in spiritual truth and in the heritage of the Lord Jesus through education. 
Identifying the Christian homeschool movement as God's Spirit speaking to the hearts of other parents, Lord Heritage focuses on supporting homeschooling families for the same calling.


About The Product:

They are supporting homeschooling families by creating a web based program, HomeSchool Office.  HomeSchool Office is designed to give you the framework to be able to organize home and school all in one.  This is designed for the homeschool family by a homeschooling family.


They come with a strategy they call POWER.






The Plan:

  • Plan subject goals and objectives
  • Build a master schedule
  • Setup lessons
  • Create projects for home or groups
  • Lay out your school budget

The Order:

  • Schedule lessons
  • Integrate home & school activities
  • Setup important reminders
  • Create customized lists

The Work:

  • Provide student access
  • View/print individual schedules
  • Follow daily lessons
  • Manage to do lists

To Evaluate:

  • Manage requirement for state compliance
  • Oversee daily attendance
  • Track hours per subject
  • Maintain grading per subject

The Report:

  • Comply with state regulations
  • Customize reports
  • Generate transcripts


HomeSchool Office allows you to track multiple students, grades, subjects, extra curricular activities, co-ops, tutors, private lessons such as music or tennis, etc.

They do this all while remaining flexible.  If you have a sick day you can “bump” a day and all your lessons will shift.  If you are working ahead or on the weekend or something, you can also everything forward by one day. 

You can copy subjects by child, so after you have entered one child’s math and you want to use that for the next child the next year, then you just copy it over and you don’t have to re-enter it.

With HomeSchool Office being web based it is accessible from any device with a browser, including your iPhone, iPad or android device


Our thoughts and feelings:

There is definitely a learning curve entailed in learning this program.  It goes deep and is very detail oriented, which is perfect for someone like me.  This was difficult to set up for me as I was very limited on time.  I had a short notice surprise move thrown on me of over 200 miles. I am very grateful for what I did have set up though, because it made it easy to bump complete days or even just subjects that we were not able to complete on a particular day.  I truly wished that I had more time to work with the program. I feel like I didn’t have the time to truly learn it and play with it before implementing it. 

I found after all the time it took to learn it, I didn’t want the detail for my younger children.  However for my high schooler and soon to be high schooler the transcript option and details were wonderful.  I loved the feature of sending messages to my “team” (my older students) and having them reply.  This was a neat feature that I have never seen before on any planning software.


HomeSchool Office offers a free 30 day trial which is worth checking out.  After that it is $79 per year.

To see what others think of this check out this post. To see a wide variety of reviews check out our crew blog.

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