Sunday, July 31, 2011

The County Fair 2011


We went to our county fair this week.  This was our first year in this county.  It really is a farming community here, so I pictured the fair to be a huge event.  I was wrong.  The fair in our old county (the city) was much more, much bigger, many more vendors.    However, this smaller fair was nice because most everything but the rides and food were free.  Here are a few highlights. 


We started off the afternoon with the candy drop. 



Next we headed to “The Barn”.  A place where you learn about crops from farm to market. 


We harvested some apples.


We planted some crops. 


We played a guessing game. 

We made seed necklaces, milked cows and collected eggs.  Then we took it all to market.  We sold our crops for money and were able to purchase healthy snacks to take home. 


Next we headed to the 4H exhibits, which Emily and Katey entered to see if they had won. 


Emily entered a duck tape flower pen, a duck tape purse and a duck tape wallet.    She won first place! 


Katey entered a flower drawing/painting.  She is in the Cloverbud category so she is not judged, she gets a participation ribbon.


What is really neat about this, is that I just registered the kids for 4H one week before the start of the fair.  We signed up as a family club to begin with.  I am going to teach a cooking class within our neighborhood.  In August, Tommy is looking very much forward to the Robotics Club, Emily for Sewing Club, and for know Katey will just do Cooking Club, until we can find more Cloverbud clubs.

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