Monday, November 5, 2012

Doubling Up the Weekly Wrap Up a Few Days Late….


Family Life

These past two weeks blogging has taken a back seat.  We have been too busy living life that I have had very little time to blog about it. That’s how it goes sometimes. 


PA240043It snowed!  This picture was taken at the beginning of the storm.  It actually snowed more than this picture shows.   

PA240070Of course the snow and cold means it’s time to bring out the hot cocoa.  Good thing I stocked up the previous week at the grocery store.

PA250095Tommy is on our 4H Teen Council.  The group made treats to sell as a fundraiser at our pumpkin festival.  We weren’t able to attend the actual festival, he was able to help make the treats.  When I went to pick him up I saw these caramel apples and I couldn’t resist.  I became their first customer!  My other kids were all so surprised I brought them all home caramel apples.  They were so yummy!


We carved pumpkins.  This year was great!  The older kids didn’t need or want any help and Katey needed very little.  Tyler and I carved our pumpkin together. PA300178PA310195

Halloween activities were to be had all week. 

School Life


Katey’s morning book has been completed.  I finally have all the pages I want in it, as well as the order I wanted everything.  I took it to Staples and had it bound.  (I may have a slight obsession with binding things.)  I got all of the pages from Our Aussie Homeschool.  I did add in blank Handwriting Without Tears paper in the back for her to journal each day.  I had planned her to take 5-10 minutes per day on this and it has taken her on average 30 minutes each day.  PA240069

Tommy has been learning about measuring speed and how to calculate it both in a straight line (walking) and on a wheel (biking).  He has also been learning about how to calculate projectile motion.  The picture above was used to show that the closer to the center of a circle the faster it will spin.


Here he is calculating the speed of a bike tire.  We talked about how an electronic speedometer has to figure out the same formula he did. 


Tyler has been loving all his busy bag activities.  The lacing cards still prove to be a challenge for him, but he loves trying. PA240088

Emily has been learning about Indians (Native Americans) in Prairie Primer.  One night I had her make Navajo Tacos for dinner.  They were so good!

Fun SchoolPB010208PB010209

We classified the kids’ Halloween candy, taxonomy style.  This was really fun and they each wished they hadn’t eaten candy before doing this.  This will tie right into some of our science lessons next week, which happen to be on Taxonomy Classification of plants and animals.



Another really fun thing we did was catch a spider and force it to weave a web right in front of us.  Our spider was shy about it and didn’t weave much but it was still neat.  It was really neat to see him jump from one stick to the other and to walk across the strands. This experiment came from Science Experiments in a Bag. Check out my review of those books. PA290153

I had Emily teach Katey how to play hopscotch.  This was great sister bonding time. 

Real Life


We got “Booed”.  That’s where a secret neighbor brings you treats and you do it to two other neighbors, it goes around the neighborhood.  Well in an attempt to make my cookies, I burned an entire batch.  I thought they would be fine to dip in milk.  NOPE!  They were gross.

A Collage

My Album 2-029You know I can’t just do one.  So here are 2 collages from our Corn Maze field trip with our homeschool co-op. My Album 2-030

Our Favorite Resource

PA180002These books by Kate Waters are great.  They go through a real life day in someone’s life.  My children enjoyed reading them and learned what life was like in Pilgrim times.  I checked these books out from our library.  They really are great books, with an accurate historical portrayal. 

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