Friday, November 30, 2012

November Happenings

November has been quite a busy month for us. 

It stared off with our new yearly tradition of taking our pumpkins out to the shooting range.  




That’s right I carry people.  LoL. 


Leaving there we saw the most fantastic sunset.  B-U-tiful!!!

PB070252Another thing that has kept me so busy is that I have been taking a very amateur photography course through my local library.

Please don’t start expecting more of me in terms of photography.  I still only own my little point and shoot digital camera. 


My family is insanely sick of me practicing on them. 

Except for Emily.  LOL.  She went to one of the classes with me and kept practicing on herself. 


And me.


She even let the class practice on taking action shots of her flipping her hair.  This is the best I could get with my camera. PB140526


This really has been a month of science for us.

PB100414Katey has been loving science this month. We have been using The Magic School Bus kit on our solar system.  If Katey had it her way, we would have done all the experiments from this the day it arrived.  I have been making her pace them out.  This has really been giving her an in depth understanding of our solar system.  We have been paring the kit up with some books we own along with some library books, including The Magic School Bus books on our solar system. 

Katey has also been working through Autumn Treasures.  This has been perfect for her and I plan on having her start Winter Wonders. PB120427

These are week long unit studies.  However we have been doing it much slower.  Autumn Treasures will take us about three weeks. 


Emily had to do a water purification experiment from Prairie Primer and she caught me looking at the water through our Discovery Scope.

I was finally able to purchase Apologia Exploring Creation through General Science.  I have both the older kids working through it using a free schedule download from DonnaYoung.  They do the reading and questions on their own and we do the experiments together.

Here are just a few we have done so far.

The famous density experiment.


This next one was a neat way to see molecules moving slower in cold water and faster in warm water.


We also blew up a balloon using boiled cabbage and baking soda.



We also did some traveling for the Thanksgiving Holiday.





When we got to Grandma’s house we let off our long awaited Diet Coke/ Mentos Bomb.  It didn’t go off super high because I couldn’t get all the Mentos in before it went off.  It was still super neat.  This was from Science Experiments in a Bag Book 3.


We took our kids to the park and of course turned that into a competition of jumping.

PB210602Alyson Jumping off swing

We were going for distance.


Tommy spent some time cooking while on his iPod.  I can’t even remember what he was making here.


The kids were all given Geodes and were able to break them apart.  It was really neat!!  I’m talkin’ REALLY NEAT!!


Our town has a celebration after Thanksgiving and the girls danced in it and were in the Parade of Lights.

We even saw Santa on a horse.  That’s how we do it out here in the country!


Along with our regular schooling, one day during our lunch break Tommy and Emily dissected some non working calculators that my mom had saved for them.


Tyler has fallen in love with the show Doc McStuffins.  I was grateful to find some Doc McStuffin printables at 1+1+1=1.  


I wasn’t sure if he would quite understand this graphing activity.  Once I showed him how, he got it right away and loved every minute of it.



Angie Schott said...

Shooting. Pumpkins.

I believe I just found a new tradition for our family!

And Mentos with Diet Coke is always fantastic. No matter the size of the geyser.

Heather said...

That looks like SO much fun! Stopping by from the crew- I hope you're having a great one!

Izzie, Mac & Me said...

Looks like you're keeping busy and having fun! Stopping by the TOS blog linky. I'm your newest follower.

Sarah said...

Looks like you've had a busy, but fun month!!

That's awesome that you carry!! Good for you!

My husband carries and he has been nagging me to get my permit; it's such a lengthy process though, but I know I should do it.

Stopping by from The Crew!


Unknown said...

What a fun week filled with lots of fun projects! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Lexi-stopping by from the crew


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