Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Traveling while homeschooling



We recently took a week long trip to help some family who is building a cabin.  The work they needed done this time was painting. 


How I was able to work this out was that I stayed home in the mornings with Emily, Katey and Tyler and we worked on schoolwork and morning house chores (dishes, picking up, laundry, etc.). 


We would meet together with everyone for lunch and after lunch I would trade off with someone who needed a break.  They would then watch Katey and Tyler. Emily and I would go help with the work.  There were a few times we let the little kids come up and “help”.


Tommy wanted to be at the cabin as much as possible. So he committed to doing his schoolwork in the evenings so that he was able to do that.  P3181459


We sure made some memories on that trip! 


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Go on, make a memory today!!

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