Monday, November 18, 2013

40 days of moving while homeschooling….during the holidays. {Day 36}



Ahhh, Sunday, glorious Sunday.

I woke up early this morning.  My husband had to work early and I just got up when he left. 

I began by cleaning my house some.

I did the dishes, some laundry and just general cleaning.

I then cut out the remaining fabric for the pilgrim costumes and began ironing it before sewing.  My friend and I had agreed that we would meet back at 10 then next morning to finish them up. 

We didn’t actually start until 11am.

We worked clear through until 2:45, which is when I had to leave for work.  But we got all the costumes done.  (Here is a picture from the play)


I worked the rest of the night.

Tomorrow we will get some moving stuff done.  You will see! 

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