Thursday, December 11, 2014

10 Favorite Phone Photos. 1st Edition.



I try to take pictures with my phone to remember the memories. 

Then the pictures just sit on my phone until I load them onto my hard drive, then they sit there. 

I never do much with them. 

Occasionally I post them here, or on Facebook or Instagram.  But most just sit in digital land…

I decided as a way to show and share my life with you all I would share some of these hidden gems. 

My goal is to post my 10 favorite phone photos each month.

1IMG_6169[1]Katey and I had a special day.



I found this picture and made it my screen saver on my phone.

3 & 4

IMG_6114[1]IMG_6090[1]Katey and I went in the Zorb Balls at one of our towns holiday events.


IMG_6082[1]After Thanksgiving Dinner we decorated a Gingerbread house.  I never did get a picture of it fully decorated before the kids started eating off it.



Some of my friends and I went out to eat in our Ugly Sweaters.  So much fun!



Tyler was learning about Volcanoes for science and he got to make one explode.  It was AWESOME!


IMG_6031[1]My little guy knows how to cut a rug.  He is always the star of the show at weddings with a dance floor!


IMG_6034[1]Same wedding.  I asked someone to take our picture since we were all gussied up and while there are good (non blurry) ones on my phone this one is my fav.



This is not one of my favorites because one of my kids got hurt.  It is one of my favorite because I was so grateful she was able to get treated quickly and that the ER was not busy that night. Katey burned her hand cooking dinner on the Monday before Thanksgiving.  We spent that night in the ER getting burn care.  She is fine now and the blister has popped. 

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