Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Back to the basics!


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Sometimes life just gets so overwhelming.  I have deep thoughts and I have a hard time putting them into words.   I know what I believe in and why, I have the self confidence struggle to put it all out there.  I am not a controversial person.  That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in something one way or the other. It just means that I don’t put my believes out there for all to know…

I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like to because I keep thinking that I have to write about something deep and meaningful.  I blog to write about OUR LIFE!  I blog to show everyone a glimpse into OUR HOMESCHOOL! I blog to share MY OPINION on products with you!  Most of all I BLOG BECAUSE I WANT TO!


I don’t have to blog about my feelings on things going on in the world today.  (But, I can if I want to.)  I don’t have to blog about the fight I have been having with my youngest to get his schoolwork done.  (But, I can if I want to.)

In all this deep thinking I have decided that I just needed to get over it all and write a blog post about this. 

Some ways I am going to ease back into blogging is by creating a daily routine where I actually turn on my laptop and do something on it. 

I truly want to blog.  Sometimes I just don’t feel important enough to write something.  On the other hand I don’t want the pressure of being so important. 

See ya on the flip side! 


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