Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Happenings in pictures


We had a very busy April this year.  I took a few pictures to be able to share that with you.

I really want to get better at updating my blog and I hope to be able to do this more often.

First things first. 

Remember, we just made a major move the end of March.

I registered for and began Real Estate School.  I am working on being done by the middle of May. IMG_6742 Then our crazy life will really begin, as I go to work as a real estate agent all while homeschooling and being a mom and a wife.


I ran my first 10K race. I ran it in 1:11.  I am pretty proud of that.  The fact that I was able to keep training during the packing and moving sounds crazy, but I did it!


Our kids got season passes to an amusement park for Easter.  We took them to an Easter Egg Hunt there and to spend a day there.  IMG_6771We got to see a peacock all spread out. 


Tyler has spent tons of time on La La Logic on the iPad.  We love these simple logic games.  

Our tarantula molted.  This was very exciting! 




Katey and Tyler build a fun fort while I was mopping the floor and read and played with some Usborne cards.


For Christmas Katey got a science kit and one day we got it out and made some eyeballs!  The kids really loved doing this.


IMG_6803We took a little road trip to spring clean our family cabin.  We had to get up really early to leave.  Most people in the car slept while Emily and I stayed awake.


We did lots of cleaning and had lots of fun! IMG_6843

Even a food fight!


Emily had a friend  from our old town come and stay with us.   We did tons of stuff with her.

IMG_6859 Some of the highlights were us going to a chalk festival.


Emily and Tyler made brownies.  It was pretty cute to see them work together.

The weather has been so great that we spend a lot of evenings at the parks near us. 



Tyler and I have been reading his book My Silly Body and Book and doing the activities in it.  This really is a great book.


Softball season started for Emily.  She plays short stop and catcher.  I am really proud of her and it is neat to see how far she has came in softball.



We did all of these things along with more along with our normal day to day schoolwork and household stuff.


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