Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Updates, Updates and more updates.


Our lives have changed so incredibly much over the past year and even more so over the past month.

We have been living in a whirlwind that I’m not sure I see slowing down real soon.

We made a very quick, but educated decision for my husband to take a new job.  He was on the drilling side of the oilfield.  He moved rigs from location to location.  As gas prices dropped people stopped drilling.  He began to just stack out (move rigs into storage) rigs.  Then we began to look at other jobs in other towns.  The small town we lived in is an oilfield town, boom and bust.  We knew that moving there, which is why we always rented instead of buying a house.  We were in the perfect position when my husband got offered a job to haul crude, to just pack up our family and move.  So that is what we did.  We really feel like we did this at the right time.  The move was hard on all of us.  We loved where we lived, we loved the people around us, we loved our friends.  We have lived in our new house about 2 1/2 weeks.  We are meeting friends here, and getting settled in. 

Tommy driving

The first week we were here, Tommy got his learners permit.  We seriously went from small town living to big city living and I am struggling with the traffic myself, let alone letting my kid drive in it.  We are both making progress and it isn’t as bad as I had imagined.

family bowling

Once a month out here the homeschoolers get together and go to a funplex center.  We decided to go we could all use a fun day out anyways.  We did not meet any other homeschoolers that day.  It was Spring Break for the PS kids and we didn’t know who was a homeschooler and who was a PS.  It was fine and we all had a ton of fun.

Alyson 10K Lagoon

The second week here I ran my first 10K.  I came in at 1:11.  I am pretty proud of that. The furthest I had ran before that was 5 miles and a 10K is 6.2 miles.  There was also a giant mountain to climb.  It was huge and I did have to walk up it and down it.

Alyson in RE School

I finally got a date night with my husband.  Since moving he has been in training and then working every day.  He took some days of to spend with the family and one of those we went out on a date.  I had registered for Real Estate School shortly after we moved here.  HUGE STEP FOR ME!   I just hadn’t gone and picked up my textbook yet.  We decided to go out and pick it up and then we went to the mall!  Trust me, I am just as shocked as you. We have never gone to the mall on a date in our over 11 years of marriage or dating.  We went shopping and then went to eat at what is now our favorite restaurant.  It was a great night.  And to think, I tried to get out of going because I was tired.

I am enjoying this new life more that I had thought I would.  We are finally getting into somewhat of a school routine.  We are up to 5 subjects a day, most days only getting 3 done.  But we are working on it.

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