Thursday, January 20, 2011

Homeschooling through a move part 2


Well remember yesterday, I told you my to do list, it looked something like this.


Thursday 1/20 – plumber scheduled to come look at a slow drain.   -Normal schooling – pack basement (must be done by Friday) includes kids rooms, storage rooms, and laundry room.  Paul and my brother will be going through the garage and shed. –Turkey enchiladas for dinner

Friday 1/21 – pack my bedroom and all knick knacks and decorations through out the house.  - Normal Schooling  - Basketball game 7pm -



Well today here is what actually got done:

The plumber did come out.  However, he wasn’t able to fix our drain.  (He is family, and we need to call a plumber that specializes in clogs, not new piping.) 

We got through almost all of schooling.  We have a little bit of history reading that will have to be completed tomorrow, as well as our science experiments. 

I did get two of my four kids bedrooms packed.  YEAH!  The laundry room and storage room are almost all the way done, and as long as I stay on task, they will get done.  Tomorrow I will be taking some more kids clothes over to the consignment store. 


My brother ended up leaving early, but nonetheless Paul was able to get the entire garage and shed cleaned out, and packed.  (I am embarrassed about how much junk we actually have)  We now have to take a truck load of stuff to the dump,  That’s right, THE DUMP.  And even more loads to the thrift store.  YIKES!  It feels so great to get rid of it all!


Oh yeah, and the Turkey Enchiladas were great!


I almost forgot Friday is PIANO moving day!

Tomorrow we are getting up bright and early to move my Piano over to my uncles house, he loves to play and I am grateful to be able to give him the opportunity to have a piano.    We are going to do a full day of school tomorrow.  I am still going to pack the rest of the basement and my bedroom, and all decorations and go to my sons basketball game. 


Well I better get to bed.  I have a very full day tomorrow!


Good night all!

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