Friday, January 28, 2011

Ten Marks Online Math


Ten Marks is an complete online math program. 

The good: 
Ten Marks is online so your children can do it from any computer anywhere you have internet access.  That made it great for me, as we did some traveling recently and they were able to keep up on math, without me packing much. 

It has built in rewards.  After they pass off so many worksheets they open up games at the reward center.  You can also add your own rewards.  We added you get a date night with mom and/or dad after you finish 25 worksheets.  Emily was very motivated to work on math with these rewards.

There is a parent center, where you can access all you children’s work, see their scores, that way you can know what you need to focus on with them.  You can also change up their rewards.

The bad:
The reward center games were slow and sometimes when they were playing them they would cut out for a second. 
There are also not very many games.  So Emily unlocked them all within a month.  Then she quickly lost her motivation to continue, except for the date nights. 
It asks you the question first and then you decide if you want to watch the video lesson, or take a hint, or just try to answer it. 

My final thoughts:
All of us, Tommy, Emily and I really enjoyed Ten Marks.  I made it a point to begin to set the rewards further apart, worksheet wise.  I also told them if they had a question about the problem, to not ask me or the computer for hints until after they had watched the video lesson for that problem.  

Ten Marks costs $10 per month, or a 6 month subscription is $49 and a year is $89

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{I received a subscription to Ten Marks in order to write this honest review.  No other compensation was received.}

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Mama Teaching 3 said...

Neat. I am passing this on to someone I think could use this. :)


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