Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Plan Monday~ Moving Week



Monday- Soup Smorgasbord   (I want to use up all the soup cans that I didn’t have enough of to feed my family all the same kind of soup.  You know all those single cans.)  Also rolls.  Emily will be making chocolate chip cookies. 


Tuesday- A friend from my church is bringing us over dinner!  Yea for good friends!


Wednesday- truck loading day- Turkey pot pie, I premade this, so we just need to put it in the oven. 


Thursday- MOVING DAY! – order pizza at new house!


Friday – Crockpot bbq beef sandwiches.  (cook a roast in a crockpot, shred it, add bbq sauce and serve it on a hamburger bun with some chips.


Saturday – I don’t know yet.  Maybe go out to eat in our new town. 


Sunday – Unsure as well!  YIKES! 


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