Saturday, January 22, 2011

Homeschooling through a move ~ Part 3


Yesterday was move the piano day.  My piano is a family heirloom, with a very rich family history associated to it. 

To give you a little of my family history;

My father is from Canada.  He moved to the United States for schooling and met my mother, they got married.  His family remained in Canada. 

The piano was my Great Grandfathers Grandfathers.  It was built in Calgary, Canada in 1903.  This piano was used as a traveling piano.  They took it around to different parties and played it for dances.

It was then passed to my Great Grandfather, who gave it to my Grandmother, whom I have never met.  I have always heard how wonderful of a piano player she was.  My Uncle learned to play by ear by leaning up against the piano while she played or sometimes he would lay on the ground underneath it. 


After my Grandmother died, my Great Grandfather got the piano back, years and years went by and he decided to get rid of it.  He offered it to my dad when I was 3 years old. He told him it had to be gone by the following weekend.  My father felt it was important for me to have.  So he drove up from Salt Lake to Canada that weekend to get it for me.  S3010364

I took piano lessons when I was a child and again tried to teach myself when I was an adult, and that is just not my talent. 


Now with the move and with it being temporary I decided to see if someone else wanted to use it aka store it for me.  The first person I thought of was my uncle whom learned to play by ear by listening to that very same piano, and I knew that he didn’t already have a piano. 


I called and asked him if he wanted to enjoy the piano.  He was ecstatic.    It made me know that this was the absolute right decision.  While the piano means alot to me and my family, I wasn’t getting the use out of it, by playing it, and he truly will be.  It means just as much, if not more to him as well.   S3010376


I also got almost the entire basement packed, just a few odds and ends left. 


And Tommy’s team won his basketball game. 


Oh, as for schooling we didn’t do much formal schooling.  The entire family took part in the piano moving.  (We did learn some about our family history.)  Tommy helped take a load to the dump, loading and unloading (P.E., right).  We did do our science experiment

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