Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How we wrap it up…

I know I am a little late posting this, but we have had a lot going on this last little while.  So soon I may or may not have an announcement coming.  Time will tell.


For a few years now we have been coloring our own wrapping paper at Christmas time.   I go to the local small town newspaper printer, and buy a roll end.  They start at $3.00.  I bought a bigger one, for $8.00.  It has about 500 sq feet of paper (or more).  The kids really enjoy this tradition.  We move furniture out of the way and roll out the paper across the front room floor. 


We even invited a friend over to help this year. 



Tommy colored Paul’s wrapping paper in the kitchen.  Paul’s Birthday falls right around Christmas time.  We use this as birthday wrapping paper for each birthday as well.  Each person get special colored wrapping paper surrounding their gift. 


I even enjoy coloring some Christmas scenes on the paper.  It’s a great way to slow down during the holidays and spend some time with family. 


It’s my way of being frugal and crafty. 


I use this paper for so much more too.  It makes a great table cloth for parties or picnics, or even for craft projects at the kitchen table. 

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