Monday, January 17, 2011

Homeschooling through a move.



That’s right we are moving.  My husband has accepted a job offer in another city, 220 miles away.  We live in quite a small town now, however it is surrounded by many other cities.  And it is 15 miles from downtown Salt Lake.  Even though we love it here, we have always talked about moving to a more remote type town.  We are very excited!


My husband got laid off from his previous job a few weeks ago.   He then took the opportunity to apply for a job in another city. And he got it.  So we are packing up the family and moving. 


This will definitely be a life change for us.  We are moving far away from everything we know, everyone we know and to top it off, my husband will be traveling often.  We are very much excited and scared for the change. 


We are going to rent our current house out to some family members, and rent a house in the new town.  I am not ready to make the commitment to purchase in the new town just yet. 

I have planned out the next 10 days packing plans, school plans, menu plans, and a to do list.  

I am going to try to blog through this time. 


So stay tuned for a short blog series.

Count down to moving day.

15 days of moving while homeschooling.


Penny said...

I will be watching with great interest. We are moving more than 500 miles away later this year...

closed said...

Our family moved 1500 miles away from NC to CO for my husband to go to college...Its been a year and we love CO however we miss NC...I remember all the packing and unpacking...and although my hubby isnt traveling for work he does work from 8-5 and then has school from 6-10 M-F so we only see him really on the weekend...I hope you have a great new journey in this new town your going to, learn new things, meet new people, and most of all enjoy the moments you have together...Blessings!


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