Friday, July 20, 2012

A few things my 6th grader has been up to.


Emily is my 11 year old daughter.  She loves art, sewing, singing, she is very social, she loves getting involved in our community.  She loves 4H, she loves swimming, reading and plain old having fun.

P1020266Lately she done a few great things she was able to take Katey and her friend out for a canoe ride.


One morning I woke up to this:P1020375

She had cooked a complete breakfast and set the table and everything.

She has been learning how to type over the summer using Keyboarding for the Christian School. P1020378

She went to JYC, which is a 4H youth conference for 3 days.  She had a blast there and said she even had to dance with boys, she told me they had to drag her to do it.  {That’s my girl}


She was in our towns Fourth Of July Parade, she was in the Oil and Energy section of the parade.  She held the sign that began that section.  Which really when you live in an oilfield town it is like watching traffic go by in slow motion.  LOL!

The kids all thought it was pretty neat to see “dads work truck” in the parade, even though they have seen it many times.

She also just got back from spending a week with her dad in South Dakota visiting Mt. Rushmore and everything else along the way.  So fun.

We are really gearing up for her to start Prairie Primer in about a month. 

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